10 creative homemade gifts

Save money and give a homemade gift that is creative and unique. Spend some time making it, and your gift will be the hit of the party.

Why spend a lot of money on gifts that will soon be forgotten? Save money, spend a little time, buy a few supplies, and create a homemade gift that will be remembered forever. Show your family and friends how much you really care by taking the time to give a personalized gift. Feel free to take the following gift ideas and make your next gift truly special.

image Name Frame

If you are good with taking pictures, this one is perfect for you! For each letter of the person’s name, snap a picture of letter occurring in nature or in the world. For example, if the person’s name is Ray, find something that is shaped like an R (a tied rope, tree branch, etc) and then an “A” and “Y.” If the letters are difficult, get creative. Make a “snow letter” (huge like a snow man) or flower petals. Now print the pictures (at least 5×7), mat each individual letter, and put in a long frame The challenge of this gift will be finding a frame. Planning ahead will make it easier to find deals and sales on custom framing if necessary.

Mixed CD’s

Mixed CD’s may have a reputation of being kind of lame, but with the right touch – this can be the perfect gift. Pick and theme and personalize the CD as much as possible. Birthday gift? Choose all the hit songs from the person’s birth year. Wedding? Include everyone’s first wedding dance song. Anniversary? Find the hit song for that date for every year the couple has been together. The key is to pick a theme and get creative.image


The old standby of cookies is good, but avoid this during Christmas when everyone is giving cookies. And beware how much the cost of ingredients can add up.

Cookie Alternative

What’s a treat that can last a little while, but is somewhat healthy? Brainstorm what the individual likes and go for that (banana nut bread, chex mix, etc).

Photo Clock

Find a good-sized and affordable clock that looks like it can be opened up fairly easily. Keep the mechanics, but replace the numbers with pictures. This can be done by completely replacing the numbers plate (usually cardboard in the cheaper clocks) or just gluing in pictures over the numbers). If given enough time and thought, this gift can be both fun and class. Use black and white photos for a more timeless look.

Pack of Holiday Cards

A few days after Christmas, buy the packs of holiday cards when they are 50-75% off. For the next wedding or house warming you attend, this makes a fun and unique gift. Include a filled address book for a special touch.

imageRainy Day Game Box

Decorate a box and take a trip to the Dollar Store or discount store in your area. Fill the box with marbles, dice, jacks, cards, and other small or fun games that are sure to entertain during a rainy day.

Address Labels

Get on your computer and create some fun and entertaining address labels. You can keep it simple and classic (kind of boring) or get just a little silly. An address label with the whole address on one line and stick-figures of the family (with names) below is very adorable. Again, get creative!

Personalized Christmas Picture

Choose a beautiful Christmas card and cut off the front picture. Write the family’s name on the bottom in Calligraphy. Then mat it and frame it, and you have a beautiful personalized Christmas picture.image

Homemade Ice-cream Kit

Why spend a ton of money on an ice-cream maker when you can give a personalize ice-cream kit? Include: sugar, vanilla, large freezer ziplock baggies, coffee can. The individual will need to supply their own milk and cream (these can be added but need to be stored properly). Type up the instructions and put it all together.

Instruction: Stir the ingredients together in a bowl, then pour the mixture into a quart-size freezer ziplock bag. Stick this bag inside the coffee can, half-filled with ice and rock salt – about 2 cups of ice and 1/2 cup of salt.

Salt lowers the freezing point of water, which causes the ice to melt at a lower temperature. The lower freezing point provides the temperature difference needed to transfer heat between the freezing ice cream ingredients and the melting ice. Rock salt doesn’t lower the freezing point as much as table salt does (so it results in smoother ice cream, because it freezes more gradually). Next, begin shaking the coffee can so that the ingredients are whipped together. After five minutes of shaking, let the bag sit for a few minutes. When the ice cream is thick, get out a spoon and enjoy!

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  1. These are great ideas! I needed something creative to give my grandparents for Christmas so, I made a book! It is so cute! I took some paper and I made a list of 365 things for them to do. They are just random things (eat a cookie, take five deep breaths, stretch, etc.). I wrote it down on some cute paper, put pictures and other cute things on it, and punched holes and put string through them. They loved it!! (:


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