10 Reasons blogging consistently is good for you

As you can see, I haven't added a new blog entry in 6 months! That's pretty ridiculous. Like many people, I have some pretty typical excuses: I'VE BEEN BUSY.

Really? Too busy to take 15 minutes to post a new blog? Probably not. So here's to a new challenge to add one new post every day for 30 days straight. I'd like give myself a 100-day challenge because I think those are more substantial and fun, but let's start with a more manageable 30-day challenge.

And to give myself the motivation to get those posts written every day, here's a list of 10 reasons why blogging consistently is good for you:

Stretch your mind - My Happy Lists blogging1. Stretch your mind. It's one thing to sit and have a chat with a friend about something, but when you sit down to write something, you're going to stretch your mind much more. You have to organize your thoughts and communicate in a way that will connect with people.

2. Do better in Google. Search engines love fresh content. If you want to perform better in search engines and grow a larger following, you need to write consistently so that Google will rank your blog better.

3. Maintain reader loyalty. If you're writing just for yourself, then this one doesn't really apply to you. Usually people are writing for an audience – friends, family, or strangers. If you want those people to stay loyal to your blog, you need to give them content to keep coming back to. If you let your blog sit without an update for 6 months, no one is going to be paying attention!

4. Challenge yourself. Ok, so this is kind of like stretching your mind, but seriously – stop being so lazy and give yourself a good challenge. With something new to accomplish every day, you're going to push yourself more than just sticking with the "same old, same old."

5. You'll eventually learn something new. When you write consistently, you will eventually learn something that you didn't know. And learning makes you a better person.

6. No matter what the topic is, writing can be therapeutic. Even if you're blogging about something technical that doesn't have anything to do with how you feel or your emotions, the act of writing and producing something is therapeutic. There's something really positive about looking back on a huge collection of work that is there only because of you. Creating stuff is good for the soul.My Happy Lists - Become an expert

7. Become an expert. As you start writing about your niche on a consistent basis, you're going to start feeling more confident about your subject, which is going to get you closer to being a true expert in your field. This goes hand in hand with learning something new. When you write consistently, you learn consistently, and when you're consistently learning in your field – you are one step to becoming an expert.

8. Keep up with the times. There isn't one field of study or industry that isn't constantly changing. By blogging consistently in your realm of expertise, you're going to be forced to stay current with current trends, research, opinions and changes in your field. It makes you look really smart to know what's going on.

9. It makes you cool. Yes, there are millions of blogs sitting in cyberland right now, but there aren't millions of people who have the dedication to keep their blogs current and up-to-date. By becoming one of those people, you join an elite group of bloggers – which makes you kind of cool.

10. Why do you think blogging consistently is good for you?


  1. I loved your insight. It has encouraged me to try blogging. Thanks

  2. I love it…Im 52…Im married 31 years, we raised our 24 year old son and just when we thought it would be once again he and me we are three as my 93 year old mom moved in with us after suffering a heart attack. I stopped working and my husband encouraged me to start a website where I have a blog and I also do a blogradio show…I stress…all hobbies….they are wonderful past times…..i am attaching the links to both should anyone care to give them a listen….I love telling the story and reading others stories…we all have one…bravo to all bloggers…


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