10 reasons NOT to make New Year’s resolutions


I love making lists (as you all know). So why would I be against the grandest list of all?

 1. They set you up to fail. You write a whole list of them, or maybe just one or two. But there’s a reason you’re waiting until now to start working on them. They’re difficult, and you’ve failed before. You will fail again.

2. Everybody does it. Why would you want to be part of the crowd like that?

3. Losing weight should be a whole lifestyle change. Instead of trying to lose weight every January, actually change your lifestyle – and you won’t have to keep adding “lose weight” to your list of goals.

4. January is the wrong reason. The new year is the wrong reason to commit to your goals. Feel free to set goals, but don’t chop them up as New Year’s Resolutions. That’s a stupid reason to make positive changes.image

5. Just make one. Then you’re not making new years resolutions, you’re making one resolution. And one is manageable.

6. There are better ways. Do your research, and instead of killing yourself over committing to silly new year’s resolutions – learn about setting realistic goals and start making steps to achieve them.

7. Bad economy. Finances are too freaking tight to start adding a bunch of fluff to your life. Stick to the basics and get through the next few months.

8. No need for reminders. You’ve failed at enough things already. Do you really need some more reminders about how much you suck?

9. You’re already stressed out enough. Don’t throw 10 new goals on your plate right now. You’re stressed out enough.

10. They’re probably the same. If your resolutions are probably the same as last year’s, then that’s just more evidence that New Year’s Resolutions suck.

So if you’ve made some new year’s resolutions, it’s time to chuck them in the garbage. Do you want to make changes in your life? Go for it. But be realistic and down to earth about it.


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