14 Reasons to go to Work

imageFor those of us who are tired of working, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get to work. Some days, it may feel impossible. Why not just stay in bed all day? Why not call in sick…again? (For those of you who love your job and jump out of bed with excitement each morning, select a different Happy List today!).

Other than the obvious reason to go to work (earn money to pay the bills), why should you go to work?

14 Reasons to go to WORK

1. Social Contact. Work, no matter how tedious and dreadful it can be is a way to connect with people. Sure, sometimes those people piss you off, but social connectedness is an important factor to overall health and happiness. And if you can drop the bad attitude for a little while, you may find some coworkers you actually enjoy.

2. Work Experience. When searching for a new job, work experience plays an important role in getting hired. An employer won’t be impressed when they see an applicant who hasn’t been able to stay at a job for longer than 6 months. A good rule of thumb is to stick out, at a minimum, for a year. Any less than that, and the work experience likely won’t even be considered.

3. Mind Exploration. This one only applies if you have a fairly monotonous job. Rather than just staring blankly at the screen, files, machine, or people (whatever you monotonously work with), start spinning that brain to benefit you. Make plans, think of book ideas, see how much of a movie you can recall, or do anything that allows you to stretch your brain a little. Sometimes I fantasize about taking on my greatest enemy and kicking his butt – it relieves a lot of stress and puts a smile on my face.

4. Avoid Getting Canned. This relates to the “work experience” notion. If you get canned, you can kiss that work experience goodbye. You may end up eliminating it completely from your resume, and if you do that (which supposedly isn’t encouraged) you have to come up with a way to explain the “jobless” period of time (which gets really tricky if it’s 3 or more years). If you choose to include that job on your resume, you will not only lose a good reference/recommendation, you will likely get a bad one. Going to work today isn’t just about today; it’s about that next job that’s going to be way better than this one.

5. Use it to your Advantage. If you hate your job, a good reason to go work is to use it to your advantage. I don’t care where you work, there is always a way to get some personal gain from your job. If you work at a desk or on a computer, maybe you sneak in some time to job hunt, write personal e-mails, or play games (just don’t get caught). If you work filing all day, maybe you use some of that time to sneak in some office exercises (calf raises, squats, etc). If you’re a teacher, find some ways to use your students to do work for you. No matter what position you’re in, find a way to use that time to your advantage, and you will find a reason to go to work.

6. Keep Your Benefits. If you get benefits (count yourself lucky), you definitely don’t want to lose them before you have something lined up. Sure, health insurance doesn’t seem that important right now while you’re sitting there hating your job – but if you eat a poisonous batch of generic Oreos while watching Tyra Banks, you’re going to wish you had that health insurance!

7. Think of Ways to Stick it to your Boss. You have to go to work. You just do. Not forever, though. And while you’re hanging out thinking about all the reasons NOT to go to work, you might as well go to work and use the time to think of all the ways you can stick it your boss. Maybe you’ll do it, maybe you won’t. But thinking about the ways you actually have some power and control will make you happy.

8. Ridiculous Co-Workers. Unless you work alone, you are sure to have some fairly stupid and ridiculous co-workers. (If you don’t, ummm, it might be you.) If you don’t go to work, you might miss out on something hilarious from that completely incompetent co-worker (or boss). What if they start the break-room on fire and your co-worker earns the name of Fire Boy for the rest of his employment? Do you really want to miss the event that started it all?

9. Important Notices. Notice: No work on Friday. Notice: Thursday is Red Shirt Day. Notice: $100 bonus for bringing your dog to work. Whatever the notice or announcement, you do not want to miss it! It could be something incredibly important or profitable! The last thing you want when you already hate your job is to show up on jeans day wearing your 3-piece suit.image

10. The Watercooler. Where else are you going to find someone to discuss all the important events of Lost or The Office? Jimbo knows his stuff, and plus, it’s a good way to get out of work for a few minutes.

11. Lost and Found. You can always be like Creed from The Office and use the Lost and Found as your own shopping mall. You might get new coats, scarves, gloves, or even an iPod (just remember not to wear or use at work). So now you have a reason to go to work, and a mission when you get there: locate the Lost and Found, then raid it.

12. To Find a new Job. Everyone knows it’s not what you know but who you know. Maybe one of your co-workers has a friend who has a cousin who’s married to the sister of the guy who owns the company of your dreams. Only one way to find out – go to work! The key to this is developing a positive relationship with your co-workers, and then putting feelers out to see what (who) they know.

13. Permanently “borrow” Stuff. Nobody wants to admit it and employers hate it, but the fact remains that employees swipe stuff from work. Hopefully we’re not talking cash or hardcore amounts of stuff. What I’m talking about here (and clearly not condoning!) are small things like sticky-notes, pens, paper, etc. Maybe you need to print something (preferably not that 500-page e-book), you might as well use the company paper and ink.

14. It’ll Give you “Character” when you obtain World Dominance. Did you know that Phil used to work at…? It’ll make you look way cooler than if you just magically jumped to World Dominance. And we all know that World Dominance is the ultimate goal of all.

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