5 ways to improve your dance moves


1. Copy.  That’s right.  When you’re on the dance floor, pick someone who looks like they know what they’re doing – and copy some of their moves.  Don’t stare at them and make it obvious, though – just peek over once in a while and get some ideas and how to move your body.

2. The beat.  When you’re listening to music (dancing or not) listen hard for the different beats.  When you’re dancing, you’ll choose which beat to dance to (pick the main beat to show you have rhythm.)  Even small movements to a beat are better than big movements off-beat.

3. Youtube.  Plenty of how-to videos are waiting for you on YouTube.  Check them out, learn some decent dance moves. You can even learn some moves from President Obama!

4. Be confident.  But not too confident.  If you’re feeling good and having fun, you’ll look better than if you’re stiff from nervousness and anxiety.

5. Take a class.  If you’re serious about dancing, the best place to learn is from a professional.  It might be worth the money to receive personalized lessons.

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