DONE – Start a tradition of weekly date nights with daughter

Being a full-time working Mama outside of the house has been a challenge that I feel like I'm kicking butt at…except for my neverending longing to have more quality time with my family.

As Marion is now almost 2 1/2 years old, she is getting to be such a pleasure to spend time with. Because I work 40-60 hours per week, our time together is pretty limited. Up until now, I felt like I was balancing everything pretty well. Since Elliott was born a few months ago, though, my quality time with Marion has really decreased. It seems like our nights pretty much look like this:

  • I come home and dress down into comfy clothes
  • I breastfeed Elliott while Hubbie makes dinner and Marion plays
  • We eat dinner together at the table
  • I breastfeed Elliott again while Hubbie cleans up and Marion plays
  • I cuddle with Elliott while he takes a nap on me and Marion continues playing independently 
  • Hubbie and Marion start her nightly routine: milk, jammies, reading books
  • Hubbie takes Marion to bed while I breastfeed Elliott again
  • Hubbie and I hang out for a little bit before I head to bed
  • Hubbie gets some alone time while Elliott takes his nightly nap
  • Hubbie and Elliott go to bed

As you can see, not a ton of Mommy and Marion time. So as I was leaving work last night, I decided it was time to enact a weekly date night with my precious daughter. She is so much to hang out with! Hubbie was in full support so after I got home and fed Elliott, Marion and I headed out for some fun one-on-one time.

The great thing about Marion is that she has a blast doing ANYTHING, so for this first date I didn't need to get overly creative. Here's what we did:

  • Dollar Store Shopping
  • Dinner at Wendy's

It seems pretty simple (and maybe kind of low-class), but it was quite enjoyable. Marion rode around in the shopping cart, commenting on everything she saw and liked. She methodically would hold stuff we were going to buy before placing them behind her in the cart. And then dinner was a blast. Nothing too exciting – just spending some quality time talking together. She's the best, and I can't wait to have more Mommy/Daughter Dates with her. I suppose next time I may need to do something a little more creative, though. 

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