Garage Update – 10/23/2013

Yesterday I shared my List of Garage Projects. 

Well, last night I attempted to cross off a few items. RESULT? Fail. Utter fail.

Sometimes, when I get my mind set on something and I hit a couple road blocks, I am extremely tempted to just give up on the whole thing (this may be one of the solid reasons I have not been able to park in our garage since buying our house three years ago).



Fail #1 – No Returning Wood Laminate

So we have 5 boxes of unused wood laminate flooring. Why? Because they encourage you to over-buy so you don't run short while installing it and because some of the pieces may be broken. So that's what I did, under the assumptiont that I could return said flooring less a "re-stocking" fee. Turns out I had to do that within 30 days of purchasing. Ha! We didn't even START installing it 30 days after purchasing it. What a joke. 

Now I have 5 boxes of flooring in the garage to store or figure out a new plan for them.


Fail #2 – Headboard does not fit in minivan

It would if we put the front row of seats down, but that involves taking the kids' carseats out, which for any of you that are parents, you know is like adding another project to the list. Agh. Now I need to come up with a new plan for the headboard, too.



FREE Queen Sized Headboard

New plan for the headboard: post it for free and let someone come pick it up. There is a small crack in it, but free is free and people love free, right? We'll see how it goes…


New Plan for Tonight

Ok, so what else can I work on tonight to cross a few of those projects of the list? I'm thinking…return the table saw to the mother-in-law. We should be able to do that! And get the 4 tires in the van for Tyler to drop off for recycling tomorrow. Oh, we could also break down a bunch of boxes tonight so he could take those, too! And maybe swing by and drop a small load of donation to St. Vincent's while we're out and about. That would complete 2 things on the list and prepare to complete 2 other things on the list!! 

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