Garage Update 10/24/2013

A couple days ago I shared my List of Garage Projects. And yesterday, I had a plan to complete a few items on the list:

New Plan for Tonight

Ok, so what else can I work on tonight to cross a few of those projects of the list? I'm thinking…return the table saw to the mother-in-law. We should be able to do that! And get the 4 tires in the van for Tyler to drop off for recycling tomorrow. Oh, we could also break down a bunch of boxes tonight so he could take those, too! And maybe swing by and drop a small load of donation to St. Vincent's while we're out and about. That would complete 2 things on the list and prepare to complete 2 other things on the list!! 

It was pretty successful! We did NOT go return the table saw to the mother-in-law. I am now saving that for Friday when we drop M off there for a couple hours for babysitting (and also drop off a load of donations to St. Vincent''s).

What we did accomplish:

  • Goodbye Headboard & Footboard!! I posted it for free on Craigslist yesterday and someone came and picked it up last night. Done and done!
  • Tires in Van ready to get recycled!
  • Boxes broken down and ready to get recycled!

I call that a great success. Anytime we can actually cross something off a list = success!


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