Go Gray! 11 reasons women should let their hair go gray

imageMy mom started going gray in her twenties, and after 30 years of dying her hair, she finally stopped and let it go gray (well, it’s actually closer to white). And the truth is, it is BEAUTIFUL! She gets compliments all the time and people can’t seem to keep their hands off her hair.

Inspired by my beautiful mother, here are 11 reasons women should let their hair go gray.

 1. Save Money.  If you’ve been dying your hair for years, you know how expensive it can.  Even if your buying the do-it-yourself hair dye at Walmart, it still adds up.  And if you are going to the salon for imageyour monthly cover-up, you are spending a ton of money on hiding something beautiful.

2. Gray is beautiful.  It’s true.  Stop listening to media (which is funded by advertisers like Clairol) and recognize how gorgeous gray hair is.

3. Look wise.  You automatically look wise.  Even if you’re not, you look all smart and stuff.

4. You’re a Grandma.  If you are a grandma, you have the perfect excuse to go gray.  You know you love being a granny, so fully embrace it – get the whole look down.

image5. It doesn’t make you look old.  See #3.  Now, if you are perming that gray mop into a short curly do on the top of your head…well, this one doesn’t apply.

6. Set the example.  When my mom stopped dying her hair, she hated how everyone touched it and commented on it (she was only 45).  But then people started telling her that she gave them the confidence that they could go gray.  So be the model for other women out there who are living in fear of allowing their natural beauty out.image

7. You’re appreciative.  If you believe (and that’s fine if you don’t) that God created you.  Appreciate it, and quit trying to hide what He gave you.

8. No stress about roots.  Imagine no longer stressing about scheduling that appointment in time so your roots won’t show.  Stop scheduling your life around hair dye!

9. Avoid allergies.  Many women are allergic to the chemical in hair dye and break out in nasty red rashes.  Gray is much prettier than red in this instance!

10. Grey hair is sexy.  That’s what this writer claims, and I have to agree!

11. You have attitude.  A sexy and confident attitude is essentially for pulling off the gray look.  Here’s a few good hints about going gray and staying sexy.


  1. It’s ironic JLo and Helen Mirren were rated the two most beautiful women in the world and JLo is gray (but still not embracing it yet!). Helen embraces it and people admire her natural beauty, yet the younger (and graying!) Hollywood crowd (Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Angie Harmon, Elizabeth Hurley, etc) still are holding onto the hair dye and not emulating Helen.

  2. Stopped dying about three years ago, and I get more compliments now. It’s very liberating.


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