Reasons Jean-Claude Van Damme’s KICKBOXER will cheer you up

Jean-Clean Van Damme is a bad-ass. I don’t care if you think differently. He is the model of pure awesomeness. Last night, Tyler and I watched this awesome movie and I knew I had to share this awesomeness with my Happy List readers.

If you’re needing a way to cheer up, I encourage you to rent/Netflix/etc. his movie Kickboxer. It will cheer you up immediately. Just check out some of the reasons this movie is awesome:

1. 1980’s martial arts movie. Need I say more? The 80’s are filled with so many fun classics, and Kickboxer is one of them. If you love 80’s movies, you’ll love Kickboxer. It has a definite 80’s vibe to it: terrible dialogue, crazy awesome fight sequences, and a rockin soundtrack.

2. Drunk dancing and fighting scene. I don’t even need to defend this reason. Just watch this clip and you’ll know that this movie is the kind of movie that you’re going to have fun with.



3. It’s terrible. And it’s terribly awesome. Both at the same time. I could probably write a total of 20 reasons this movie will cheer you up, but they’ll all be centered around this theme of terrible awesomeness. When you watch this movie, be sure to watch it with some friends and enjoy making fun of it. It’s bad, but it’s funny bad.

BONUS (and slightly inappropriate): BALLS.

That’s right, BALLS.

..see? Aren’t you ALREADY getting cheered up?

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  1. He has being my boyfriend for years. I love him, he is the best. He is super superrrrrrrrr and extraordinarly awesome.
    I say again I love him :-))


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